Theatre Non-Conforming

Theatre Non-Conforming will use performing arts to not speak for, but to speak with marginalized groups to culturally foster a social environment of tolerance, acceptance and enlightened understanding.

Vision Statement

Theatre Non-Conforming will seek to support and advance the cultural enrichment of the Greater Montgomery County area by producing a range of theatrical works that shine a light on the experiences and the perspectives of the marginalized within our community. We will strive to partner in creating a community that celebrates enlightened understanding and promotes tolerance. Theatre Non-Conforming will use performing arts as its primary method of presenting a reflective voice of the community to bring better understanding and tolerance to LGBT plus, people of diverse ethnicity, and women. These parameters are not set to limit us from acknowledging other demographics that may need to be given a voice in the future. We endeavor to open a broad dialogue around acceptance by engaging audiences with characters and viewpoints that are not widely discussed. Theatre Non-Conforming plans to offer audience talk back sessions with actors and playwrights to give further insight to the diverse ideas and cultural belief centers of the aforementioned groups, and to live our mission and purpose daily.   Using the performing arts, Theatre Non-Conforming, will be a beacon for people that are often pushed to the periphery in today’s society.  Theatre Non-conforming will also partner with neighboring charities to create a positive impact in the community, and to give back to the community that makes our mission possible.  Theatre Non- Conforming’s commitment to the community will be furthered by using our resources to create educational outreach that teach people of marginalized demographics to express themselves confidently.  Our foundational core will be to always embrace the community we serve and to produce theater work that will consistently bridge cultural gaps and foster an environment of enlightened understanding.