Welcome CCATE and Expressive Path!

We’ve come a long way since we were able to get our doors reopened last year, and we’re happy to take up some space on our site to help promote our tenants.

As we grow we’ll continue to add new additions to our building here so you can take a moment to get to know them, and to help support those who best align with your causes.

CCATE, the Center for Culture, Arts, Training and Education, is dedicated to serving the Latino community of the greater Norristown area. They’re locate on our 3rd floor.  Please check out their website here and support their efforts!

Expressive Path is dedicated to providing lessons, workshops, art lectures, and career guidance at local recreation centers, schools, alternative programs, youth shelters, and churches. We boost positive self-esteem by creating opportunities for teens to showcase their art in the community and by providing the tools necessary to do so through your donations. They’re located on our 2nd floor Please check out their website here and support their efforts!


2 thoughts on “Welcome CCATE and Expressive Path!

  1. Ginny Reynolds

    I am trying to find upcoming shows and dates so I could purchase tickets for a Christmas present. I don’t see any upcoming shows on your website what am I doing wrong


    • The Centre Theater

      Hi Ginny,
      You’re not doing anything wrong, we just haven’t set our 2019 schedule yet. We are in the process of booking a couple of plays, and we’re going to have a few comedy nights coming up, so please stay tuned!


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