Proud to host the Norristown Rising Roundtable discussion on business

Norristown Rising panel on business


Norristown Rising crowd for business panel


Many thanks to The Times Herald for continuing the Norristown Rising series and the roundtable discussions. We believe a community is only as strong as those who live within its boundaries, and participation is a key indicator of that strength. We look forward to hosting the next roundtable discussion and to seeing more Norristown residents coming out to participate. Thanks once again to the panel, which included

Norristown Municipal Administrator Crandall Jones, municipal planner Jayne Musoyne, County Commisisoners, Val Arkoosh and Joe Gale, Five Saints Distillery owner John George, Elmwood Park Zoo Executive Director Al Zone, Navitas and Greater Norristown Corp President Kevin Homer,  and Greater Norristown NAACP President John Milligan