Mark Twain returns to Norristown!

We are embarking on a great adventure and we need your help! We are on a mission to convert the fourth floor into a 125-seat theater the entire county can be proud of. We’re transitioning from a ‘black box’ theater to a bolted-down, real theater seats, theater and our upcoming fundraiser will make the difference, if we can count on your support! Please purchase a ticket or two and pass this along to your friends, your family and all of your Facebook friends as well. This is going to be one great evening, and you’ll get to meet Mark Twain! Mr. Samuel Clemens performed in our building in the 1870’s and according to an article in The Times Herald, he bombed! He’s coming back to redeem himself! Tickets are available at

Mark Twain returns to NTown


No matter how you look at it, the marquee reads “Sold Out”!




Thanks once again go out to our friends at Starving Artist Prevention !  With less than a week to go before our next show, we got word from them that the Lenny Martelli show has been sold out! If you have tickets, can’t wait to see you! If not, here’s a little taste of what what you’ll be missing!