A new theater awaits!

Please share and donate if you can. This space is being converted into a show place for all of Norristown and Montgomery County to be proud of!

Centre Theater Seat Naming Poster



Classical Music in the County Seat

1st Sunday Sept2 2018 at Centre Theater

Nikolay Gavlishin, world class classical guitarist, featured at Centre Theater in Norristown, September 2nd., 3 PM., FREE EVENT incl. refreshments and snacks, FREE PARKING. Suggested donation: $10

Demo continues, risers on the horizon!

CT demo work Aug 5

We’re not too proud to take a line or two from our good friends at Montco CAC!

We are working hard to recreate our performance space. The wall in the photo was stacked high with a ton of lumber from the old risers just a few days ago! The end result will be 127 bolted down theater seats along with a new projector and screen that will bring movies back to Norristown, once the home of five movie theaters! Next up, building permits and new risers! Please go to https://thecentretheater.com/, and show your support with a monetary contribution! #SupportTheArts

Meet the demo crew!

CT Demo Crew

Can’t thank this bunch enough! They may look a little rag-tag, but just take a look below and see what they accomplished!

Demo day

Friends of the theater will quickly realize all of the old risers are now GONE!

Here’s what’s coming next!

Centre Theater plans

But, we still need help! We’re a long way from that $100,000 price tag!


Please take a moment to click on the link to your left and make a donation today!

Our greatest production ever

The Centre Theater

Centre Theater facade



Transformation Time


Hello Patrons of the Arts!

The Centre Theater in Norristown is about to put on its greatest production ever.

The former Odd Fellows building, where Mark Twain once performed, is about to be transformed, just as Cinderella was transformed and married her Prince Charming, the Centre Theater will be transformed into a performance space we can all be proud of.

The fourth floor has been home to a ‘black box’ theater since the building was purchased by the Greater Norristown Society for the Arts, with productions being staged by Iron Age Theatre and Centre Theater’s own production company. But the years have taken their toll.

Thanks in part to local architects Seiler and Drury, when the curtain rises again the space will have morphed from banquet chairs to 130 bolted-down, real theater seats. Back stage will be widened to allow for the construction of sets and a ‘green room’ will be established, giving the space a little well deserved  panache.

Centre Theater plans

To pull off such a feat, stage hands (not really actual stage hands, volunteers with a little vigor will work) from across the region will be needed.

We will be starting demolition of the fourth floor space on June 15, and continue on June 16. If you know how to sling a sledge hammer, please sign up today! Or if you can carry things from one place to another, or if you know how to use a paint brush, we want you! If demo isn’t your thing, we’re also establishing a list of volunteers willing to help out with shows, take tickets, open doors, or even by simply donating to the cause.

Please take a moment to sign up at centretheater@gmail.com. Tell us your name, what you’d like to help out with, what day you’d like to volunteer (both days will be just fine with us!) and anything else you’d like us to know about you!

Looking forward to the future!

The Centre Theater

Oscar Vance – president

Stan Huskey – treasurer

Josh Chung – member


It’s a hit!

CT reception area

You don’t want to miss the incredible performance of the King of Prussia Players as they bring Avenue Q to DeKalb Street in Norristown. There’s a matinee this afternoon and a full final weekend coming up. Get your tickets here, and you’ll also get to witness the ongoing transformation of the the theater as we continue to renovate the space into a destination place for the arts and entertainment of all varieties!

It’s time to get your tickets to AvenueQ!

Avenue Q” is presented by special arrangement with Music Theater International (MTI)
Book by Jeff Whitty
Music/lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Orchestration by Stephen Oremus
Puppets constructed by Character Translations, Inc. for Music Theater International
Director :
Assistant Director :
Choreographer :
Music Director:
Carmen Rossi
Jay Reilly
Lauren McGinnis
Matt Durkin
Jeremy Ong
Part flesh, part felt and packed with heart, AVENUE Q is still the funniest and freshest show in town!

Please note that Avenue Q is for mature audiences only.
No one under the age of 17 may be admitted without a parent.
To purchase tickets, click here. 

This laugh-out-loud musical tells the timeless story of a bright-eyed college grad named Princeton. When he arrives in the city with big dreams and a tiny bank account, he has to move into a shabby apartment all the way out on AVENUE Q. Still, the neighbors seem nice.

There, he meets Kate (the girl next door), Lucy (the slut), Rod (the Republican), Trekkie (the internet entrepreneur), superintendent Gary Coleman and other new friends! Together, they struggle to find jobs, dates, and their ever-elusive purpose in life.

May 2018 at the Center Theater, Norristown
Show dates: May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19 at 8PM; May 5*, 6, 13 at 2PM
The Center Theater, 208 DeKalb St, Norristown
*Note there are 2 shows on Saturday, May 5. One is 2 PM and another at 8 PM
Lucy The Slut
Kate Monster
Trekkie Monster
Mrs. Thistletwat
Bad Idea Bear
Bad Idea Bear #2
Gary Coleman
Christmas Eve
CJ Nave
Jenn Smith
Alex Gregory
Jim Fryer
Kevin Durkin
Ron Frankel
Brett Brashers
Patrina Harding
Paula Urmson
Mike Zurawski
Meredith Bell
Ashley O’Connor