The sound of music will fill the theater!

Peace and Love - Lenny Martelli marquee

We’re incredibly excited for the month of July!

Not only are we about to host our very first “Peace and Love” concert, but we have the very talented Lenny Martelli bringing his sound to the theater, before he heads back to Nashville, for the very first time.

We know it’s been awhile since some of you have heard from us, so we thought it would be a good idea to have some great news to share.

Free is always great to hear! And that’s exactly what the “Peace and Love” concert will cost you, nothing! This family friendly event will take place nearly all day long, with music, art exhibits and much more!

We’re also very excited to have Lenny Martelli coming in to do a show next month. If you don’t know his story, do yourself a favor and visit his gofundme page here, he is an inspiration beyond belief! And, he’s on his way to Nashville to record!

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